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Recently, you may have noticed that my site was suspended.  It was a challenge to get it back up and running and here’s why.

Not long ago, I watched a video, and, payed a small fee to have a look at the information.  I did not receive an email or account details in which to cancel any further payments.  An amount was duly taken out of my account.

I phoned the bank to explain that I did not authorise that amount to be taken.  During that call, I cancelled the debit card that I was using so that a new one could be issued.  That then stopped ALL payments agreed with that card.

Now I am someone who is very careful online and even offline, but, I got caught with this one.

My new card arrived and I noticed that this site had been suspended.  I duly went to my account to update the details, but, now they don’t accept that type of card.  How was I going to do it now?  Well, thankfully, I have another card that is part of the mastercard series and had to use that instead.  A new regime is to now transfer money to that card to now pay my hosting.

In the meanwhile, mybank has been great.  They have refunded my account with the amount taken.  I managed to find contact details for the website that was taking my money and sent them an email.  This month, June 2012, they tried again.  My bank has been in touch and I have confirmed that I have not authorised the payment.

This has been both a bad experience and a good experience.  Bad in that money has been taken without my knowledge, but, good in the fact that my bank has been very helpful.

I’m back, up and running.  I advise you to be careful, but, don’t stop purchasing things off the internet.  Lots of people have been caught out offline as well.

By the way, if you haven’t been before, or, not visited my partners site recently, then please go and take a look:


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