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One of the things that I enjoy about the internet is being able to connect with people from all over the world.  It is great seeing the great diversity and skills that make everyone unique.  This world, despite its issues, is great and we can choose how we relate to it.  With so many different cultures, languages and viewpoints, it only adds to the great tapestry of life.

Every new person I meet or link up with adds a new quality as well as an experience.  Both in my work and on my travels, I have enjoyed sharing stories and hearing about different lives.  There have been some very unique moments, like when I first went to Turkey with my partner.  We were sitting having a nice meal and having a good chat with the staff and owners.  I thought it would be a good time to take a nice night time photo of the hotel we were staying at.  It was just across the road, it was nicely lit up and a great picture opportunity.  So, I lined up the shot, all ready to take the picture.  Click!!

When I take the camera away from my eyes, a couple who had travelled from Lithuania and just been married, were stood in front of me, on the pavement.  They posed for a photograph at the very moment that I took it!!  All I heard was, “We are from Lithuania and have just got married!”.  I was stunned at what had happened!!  Now I have a photograph of two people who I have never met before and will, probably, never meet again.  I just had to laugh, it was so unreal!!  Here it is below:

Unexpected holiday photos

A surprise photograph in Turkey

The hotel never looked the same again, but, what a great experience!!  It is things like this that add to the fun and fabric of life.  Perhaps someone will recognise them and let me know?

It would be great to hear about any of your memorable moments, so, please leave a comment.

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