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For those who keep up with my posts, my main thing is about helping people.  I genuinely like to do this and below there is a video that I’ve done which I hope you will enjoy!!


Secret to Deliberate Creation

This is completely off the usual topic for my blog because I feel strongly about the fact that Global Warming is affecting so many people and it needs to be addressed.  In fact, it needs to be looked at more deeply.  Why?  That’s a good question to ask.  So many are ignorant of the facts and what is really going on in the world.  It is un-nerving to realise that there are things going on in this world that we actually have control over, but, due to a blind fold being put over our eyes, or, like a magician, we’ve have a sleight of hand, the secret needs to come out.

Please click on the following link, below, for some information that seems to have been put into a corner, out of sight and out of mind.  I ask this because it is costing every honest hard working taxpayer a lot of money that shouldn’t be paid.  It does not absolutely nothing for the environment, it is a tax for the sake of being taxed.

Global Warming – Are We Responsible?

With your mind opened and your eyes seeing the info, from 2007!!!  Goodness, how has this not been shown on the news channels and been in the newspapers?  Everyone should know the facts, and make an informed choice.  This is short because I feel that once you know this, the necessary action can be taken.

I would like to state that recycling is a commonsense attitude to using the resources of the planet.  Paper, plastics, metals, etc being reused is a great way to utilise what we already have.

Isn’t also amazing what you can create with computer models.  They can only show the data that has been put in.  If  there is not the understanding or the correct information put in, then you get wrong results.  You can show ANYTHING with computers, just look at all the science fiction films showing space travel, new dimensions, etc.  But, when you use OBSERVATIONAL data that has been recorded, you get more credible data.  You’ve heard about the rising sea levels?  Check out the following:

Rising Sea Levels

It is time for the blindfolds to be removed and the sleight of hand to be stopped.   Here are a couple of videos:

And this one below is from an ex NASA climatologist and climate expert, short and to the point!!

Also, it is interesting to note that the oceans produce more carbon emissions that what we “humans” produce.  So are we going to dry up all the oceans, or, are they going to reduce the human population so that it will bring the usage which will bring down the usage?

There are industrial practices like putting toxins into the air that need to be changed, or, indeed stopped.  The use of certain chemicals used in agriculture also need to change.  The stopping of alternatives to petrol and diesel being developed has to cease. The ability for motor vehicles to run on friendlier substances has been known and tested for a long time.  Trouble is, the patents and designs get bought up so as not to see the light of day.  That needs to change, big time. 

So much can be done to make use of the Earths resources that is not being done.  Too many blocks have been created by cartels protecting their interests.  They need to be knocked down and new technologies allowed to prosper to help mankind along with the environment.

Fraud and Site Suspension

Recently, you may have noticed that my site was suspended.  It was a challenge to get it back up and running and here’s why.

Not long ago, I watched a video, and, payed a small fee to have a look at the information.  I did not receive an email or account details in which to cancel any further payments.  An amount was duly taken out of my account.

I phoned the bank to explain that I did not authorise that amount to be taken.  During that call, I cancelled the debit card that I was using so that a new one could be issued.  That then stopped ALL payments agreed with that card.

Now I am someone who is very careful online and even offline, but, I got caught with this one.

My new card arrived and I noticed that this site had been suspended.  I duly went to my account to update the details, but, now they don’t accept that type of card.  How was I going to do it now?  Well, thankfully, I have another card that is part of the mastercard series and had to use that instead.  A new regime is to now transfer money to that card to now pay my hosting.

In the meanwhile, mybank has been great.  They have refunded my account with the amount taken.  I managed to find contact details for the website that was taking my money and sent them an email.  This month, June 2012, they tried again.  My bank has been in touch and I have confirmed that I have not authorised the payment.

This has been both a bad experience and a good experience.  Bad in that money has been taken without my knowledge, but, good in the fact that my bank has been very helpful.

I’m back, up and running.  I advise you to be careful, but, don’t stop purchasing things off the internet.  Lots of people have been caught out offline as well.

By the way, if you haven’t been before, or, not visited my partners site recently, then please go and take a look:


Be Careful Out There!!

Something that I recently read on Yahoo and in the papers about a scam that’s catching people out.  Their getting phone calls apparently from their bank to say that their is an issue with their card.  Then they get asked for the pin number, confirm the address and then a courier comes to collect the card.

If you get a call like the above, HANG UP.  Your bank or whatever organisation you have your money with will NEVER ask for your pin number.  You get told this over and over by the news, newspapers, magazines, radio and on the internet.

Should you get an email saying that your account has been frozen or cancelled, then use the number on statements or official letters and phone them about it.  Better still, go to a local branch and speak to a member of staff.  They will happily check things for you.  If there is an issue, they will deal with it for you.  DON’T click on the link in the email.  The site might look OK, but, it will be an impersonation of the real site.

If you ever have ANY doubts about a communication from a financial institution, then get in touch with them directly.

Let me state it again, YOUR BANK/BUILDING SOCIETY WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PIN.  It is only for you to know and PLEASE do NOT pass it on to anyone else either.  It is part of making your account secure and safe.  Don’t let criminals and fraudsters fool you, not matter how convincing.

If you want, tell them that your “good friend” Malcolm told you that you should never give your details like your pin over the phone, text, letter or an email.  Then hang up on them, with my permission, if you need it.

I don’t want you to lose your life savings, pension or any other money to these unscupulous people.  It’s yours, so please make sure it stays that way!!

Hopefully, this post will be read by many people and help reduce the number of victims considerably.

Let me just say it one more time:

If anyone gets in touch with you for your account pin number or even your account number. STOP, THINK and then get in touch with that organisation with the official contact numbers you received from them  Better still, visit the bank in person and talk to them about your concerns.  They are there to help you!!

I know some elderly people get a bit confused and flustered, please keep an eye on them.  Talk to them, you could help save them from a lot of stress.  Don’t let them fall foul of these scams, and, be careful yourself!!!

Want To Be Converted?

So, you now have your ebook reader, but, would like to read a book in epub format on your computer, your smartphone, etc.  Wouldn’t you like something that takes the guess work out of doing that conversion? 

Whenever I get something like this, just like MP3’s that can be played across multiple platforms, I want to have the choice.

So I did some research and came across a neat little program called Epub to PDF convertor.  Surprisingly, it’s free and that, for me, is a bonus.  It deals with epub formats and does a great conversion to PDF.  Once done, I can put that onto my android tablet, Kindle and even my laptop as well as my desktop.  A win-win situation.

To get your copy, then click PDF to ePub

Pass it on!!

Want To Say The Right Thing?

No matter whether it is personal or business, how, when and it way you say something, can either make or break a relationship or sale.  There is power in words.

With words, you can build someone up or knock them down.  Make them feel loved and appreciated or hurt and lonely.  You can relate a product that meets someone’s need, or, turn them away from the very thing that could help them.

There is a saying, “If you’ve nothing nice to say, then don’t say it”.  How many times have things been said in anger and later regretted?

If we were stop, just for a moment, before saying something, then this world would be a better place.  Instead of hiding behind words and stating things in a way that is ambiguous, let it be clear and understandable.  Then there are no misunderstandings and we know where we stand.

Think, if you don’t want people to speak to you in a certain way, then consider how you might sound to them.  Having been in the support industry, some customers feel they have the right to have a go at you, even though you are there to help them.  I always wait until they have finished what they want to say, ask if they’re done, then proceed to deal with their issue.  In other words, I take control of the situation, lead it to a calm conclusion.  They leave with a new confidence in the company and will say positive things about it.

I have come across a video that nicely conveys how helping someone state something in a different way can make the all the difference from a small success to a big success.  Have you the time to help someone else, even if it is a moment?

After you have watched it, let me know what you think.


Makes you think, doesn’t it?

For more help and advice on learning “how” to think and not “what” to think, then visit Yvonne’s site

There comes a time in every computers life where its time is up.  It now takes far too long to start up and once it has, it takes an age for any program to load up and do something.  So, should you buy a new computer?

It all very much depends on what it is you are doing or wanting to do.  If your drive has become full of demos that you no longer use, then perhaps a reformat of the hard drive might come in handy.  But, before you do, you will need to backup your documents like your Word files, photos and spreadsheets.  You can copy them to a blank DVD or multiple if you have a lot, or, if you don’t have a DVD writer, then a good sized USB stick will be fine until it is finished setting everything up.

The number of times that I have reinstalled a computer and find that it is back to being a speedy pice of kit amazes the owner.  Then some helpful advice like, “Be very choosey about what you put on it!!”, is a good motto to follow.  If you only want to do some wordprocessing and surf the net, why do you need all the other stuff that you will never use?

Always make sure you have installed an anti-virus program after you’ve finished setting it up again and always create your account where it prompts you for a password for extra security.

Now ask yourself, do you need a new computer.  If it is now performing as it should, then you’ve save some money and gotten more life out of your box.  Otherwise, yes, it will be if you’re not happy.  Also, in Internet Option, set the page to be updated every time you visit, not automatically.  Otherwise it will take longer to start up as it checks every single website you have visited, even if you never go there again!!  Change your history to the last 7 days and reduce the storage to 30MB, that’s more than enough.  Also, on a weekly basis, go into your internet options and clear down the cookies and temporary internet files.  I know it says temporary, but, they will stay there until you remove them!!  They clog up your drive and slow your computer down considerably.

A bit of self DIY housekeeping can make all the difference!!

If you’re looking for a new laptop, then I recommend a 64bit processor, at least 4GB ram and, at the very least, 500GB hard drive.  For ease of viewing, 15.6″ screen.  Go the maximum that you can afford.  If it is a choice between more hard drive space or ram, go for the ram.  More is better!!  Buy the fastest processor you can afford with recommended ram and hard drive. This will cover most basic needs.  If you’re into creating professional music, graphics or serious gaming, then a much higher specification will be required.  As a starting point, this as good a place to start as any.

I have a desktop computer that was first installed back in 1994, it has Windows XP, Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz processor and a maximum 2GB ram.  During that time, the only requirement has been to replace the motherboard.  Thankfully, I managed to get one before it disappeared into oblivion!!  And as  I write this article, apart from resizing the C: drive to give me some more space, it runs everything that I need.  All my file associations are how I want them to be and some of the software will only run on XP that I still use a lot!!

I also have a Windows 7 Laptop, 64bit, and, where the software is available, then I use that for the speed, obviously.  I alternate between the two machines.  With my desktop on and printer connected to it, wireless dongle plugged in, I can print from my laptop without having to physically plug the USB cable into it.  I have simply set my printer up as a share on the home wireless network and have connected to the wireless printer name.  Bliss!!

Technology, it’s amazing what you can do with it now.  The only thing that limits most people is their imagination.

If you want to save on the cost of software, then get Open Office, it’s FREE and read and save in Word format as well as lots of things. Free antivirus, get AVG, visit this free website by clicking here for other great FREE software, BUT, be choosey this time about what you put on it without cluttering your hard drive!!

Have You The Right Mindset To Be Successful?

When you awake each morning, what is your first thought?

Is it something like, “Oh no, not morning already!!”, or, “I don’t want to go into work today…”, or, “What problems am I going to face today?”, or, “Fill in the blank…………”.

Then when you’ve said it, or, thought it, how does your day go?

Did you realise that you have a choice, to have either a good day or bad day?

If you get into the habit of “choosing” a good day first thing, you will find how much easier it is to deal with “issues” that come your way.  It is also a good habit to develop the right mindset to be successful.

It is one thing generating the success, but, it is entirely a different thing to keep that success.  If you want to enjoy it AND keep it as well gain more success, then NOW is the time to start.  Not only will you see a difference in yourself and your life, but, others will notice it.

A lot of us while we growing up were taught “what to think” instead of “how to think”.  Also, as we grew up, our ability to use our imagination was knocked back because we weren’t paying attention in class.  That is a great shame, it is a main part of “seeing” where you want to be in your life.

Hint:  If you have kids, it is important that they develop their imagination when at home.  Tell them stories and encourage them to make up their own.  It will help greatly in their successes in life.  Create a happy environment for them and as they grow, they will look to emulate that in their lifestyle.  Isn’t that what we want for them?

With regards to people being successful, you have the stories where they have won a lot of money, but ended up worse off.  This has been more down to not having the mindset to cope with the sudden influx of a large amount money.  Those that learn to do it quickly make the most of it and enjoy it.

What are your thoughts about money?  Are they positive?  Write them down, you may surprise yourself!!  Once they’ve been written down, those that are negative, rewrite them so they become a positive.  Then read them over and over until you rid yourself of that negative thought.

A great site for help in changing how you think and links to resources that will benefit you, then click on the following link:

Learn To Change Your Life And Mindset

Blogging has proven to be one of the few internet marketing techniques that has stood the test of time, yes, some of the techniques that are now used for creating a successful blog  have probably changed but it’s also fair to say that most successful online entrepreneurs have a blog and they are using it to make money every day.

The thing is, it can be hard, initially, to set up a blog from scratch and get it right.  Even if you are fortunate enough to have a web host that will do it for you, after all, simply clicking your mouse a couple of times will only get you so far. It’s the next steps that you take afterwards that will determine the level of your blogging success.

Well the good news is that if you’ve been looking for a step-by-step guide for blogging then I’ve come across a great product that will be perfect for you!!

Cash Blogging Tactics is a fantastic resource that has been designed to help anyone get a blog up and running in a short space of time, and, can be making money asap.

Learn How To Blog

Create A Blog And Make Money From It

Cash Blogging Tactics

This has been written with even a complete beginner in mind and it guides you through the processes of finding your specific niche, setting up the hosting, creating your first blog and then, importantly, monetizing it so that you can be on creating an income in the shortest time possible.

Have a look at some of the contents that you will find in this guide:

** Find piping hot niche markets that are simply begging to give you cash
** How to do keyword research easily for your niche with Google’s Keyword Tool to find the most profitable keywords
** The pros and cons of using Blogger.com blogs vs. self-hosted WordPress blogs. Which one is better for you and why
** How to find and get your domain name and hosting and get everything set up quickly
** How to install your WordPress blog easily and how to optimize your blog for the search engines to find your website
** The secrets to producing great quality content for your readers and that will turn them into loyal customers
** The best ways to monetize your blogs by using a  range of income streams
** How to build a list of targeted buyers with your blog so that you can sell to them in the future
** 8 different ways to drive massive amounts of the all important web traffic to your site for free!

Learn How To Blog

Create A Blog And Make Money From It>

Cash Blogging Tactics

Rest assured that this is an easy to follow guide that could not only have you up and running with a blog in as little as a couple of hours, but, also making a full time income from your blogging exploits in less than 6 months.

So why not take a few minutes to check out what the guide is all about. I’m sure you’ll be more than impressed, I know I was, and, if you’re worried about the price, don’t be, as it’s incredible how little they are going to charge you for this!

Time For An Update Of Progress

If you’ve been following my blog from when it was originally created, you will have noticed that there has been quite a transformation!!!

From a plain standard WordPress blog to the blog you see today, it has been and continues to be a great experience.

Having just received week 5, it doesn’t seem that long since I started this business course.  Everything has been in good bitesize chunks and easy to follow.  Not only that, but the regular training webinars, the members forum and the support are second to none.  My first experience of the forum was great.  I’d no sooner added my progress when others started posting messages of encouragement and advice.  That is a good environment to be in.  You have a much stronger degree of success when you have supportive people behind you.  Sometimes if you lack belief in yourself, you can be built up again by others who are looking out for you.

I have played about with websites and blogs, but, have had no real direction.  Through doing this course and having mentoring, it makes a difference, believe me!!  It is so good having a strong support network, others who are ahead of you and probably been through similar issues, are more than happy to help guide you.  Even though I have been in only a short space of time, the advice that I have received has been superb and extremely helpful.

The other thing that I have now is a direction, I know where I am headed.  Where is that?  It’s towards a blog that is full of useful information, experience, help and inspiration to be successful.  I already see myself as successful and to be successful, you need to action and to invest in yourself.  I have done and continue to do both.

If you’ve tried or are considering learning how to make a living online, then seriously consider this course.  It is so easy to say that because I’m on it that, of course, I’m going to recommend it.  But, having been on other courses where there has not been this environment, I fell by the wayside with them within a short period of time, ie, two weeks.  The fact that I have gotten this far speaks volumes about this course.  Why not do it yourself?

Partnership To Success

I look forward to meeting up with you in the forum and let’s help each other to help each other!!

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