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This weekend has been an eye opener with Tony Robbins.  Not used to particularly using the word ‘awesome’.  It is, very quickly, becoming a part of my vocabulary because it describes it sooooo well!!!!

If you’ve never heard of Tony Robbins, he is not a regular motivation guy/guru.  And he is right when he says that.  He teaches how to change your state, happy, sad, excited, etc, within a heartbeat.

An incredible claim to make, but, having had half a day with him on Friday, it is fully justified.  Within those few hours, you are changed in ways that you never thought possible, and, so fast!  Through a series of exercises and taking you through different experiences, you get to a point where you can switch to ‘any’ state as quick as you want or need.

If you feel angry, you can be happy within a heartbeat, same with being sad or hurt.  We have the choice of how we feel at ANY given moment.  No longer ruled by emotions.  Simply wiring your sub-conscious and nervous system to react to how YOU want to be and feel.

One part of the evening was where Tony took everyone down into a meditation and time went out of the equation.  What seemed like 10 to 15 minutes, was near enough 45 to 50 minutes.  Going from one state to another, reinforcing each one to a deeper and deeper level.  Taking control of how we feel.

Then it was the firewalking over 12ft of 1100C embers.  When we got there, you could feel the heat, intensive.  Then when it came to my turn, I put myself in the state and ‘walked’ across, not ran or jump, walked!!

What are YOU capable of?  What new levels do YOU think you could get to?

There is no reason why anybody should not be able to do the firewalk.

It has certainly changed my focus for the better and am now better equipped to deal with issues in a way that I was not able to before.  Thing is, I didn’t know that until now!!

If you get the opportunity to this, then ‘Unleash The Power’ within you.  Surprise yourself!!

Please get in touch, particularly, if you where there as well!!  Would love to connect up with other ‘firewalkers’.

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