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Last week, Wednesday 30 October, I went to a firewalk through Where Dragons Fly.

On the way there, had to go through some torrential rain, but, by the time we arrived, it had all settled and cleared!!

After a lovely cup of coffee, the initial part was to do some visualisation and be in the moment. This nicely followed on from doing a 5 week mindfulness course.

Once everyone had arrived and settled in, we went to start the fire with lighted candles to signify an intention. After watching it and enjoying the heat, it was back inside for a bonus, breaking an arrow.

We started off, six of us, by breaking an arrow using the soft part of the neck. Mine broke in 2, others, the arrow broke into 3. Quite an experience!!

About an hour and a half after starting the fire, it was ready for the firewalk. Walked over 3x and here is the video that shows the first time and then shows that there was no damage to my feet.

My firewalk 30/10/2013 from Malcolm Charlaw on Vimeo.

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