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OK, you’ve had your computer for a while and it is doing stuff that it wasn’t before.  It’s running slow and/or you’re getting error messages, or, it simply isn’t going as well as it should be.  Well, if you’ve checked my post on “Thinking About A New Computer..” but don’t want to go down the road of re-formatting your computer, then you will need some tools to help you out.

If you were to go to a computer shop, they may charge you $50, $100 or more to cover their time.  Not only that, but, you will have to wait until they get around to it, in the mean time, you’re without your computer.

You could always try defragging the computer hard drive, although, the difference on today’s modern computers is neglible at the best of times and only sorts out a very small number of errors.  But, hey, you can try it, it gives you something to go at, but, there are times when it can take several hours to run with absolutely no gain whatsoever.  Run it over night and most of the next morning.  The bigger the hard drive, the longer it takes to run.

Also, consider unplugging yourself from the internet, disable your antivirus and firewall.  Does it run any faster once you do that?  If so, then change to one that doesn’t.  For my recommendations, read my post “How Safe Are You…” for a couple of FREE anti virus programs.  Just count it as experience if you’ve paid upfront for one that you already got with the computer.  Cancel the account, uninstall it, then change.

Don’t forget that you do need a good Anti Virus and firewall installed and running along with regular updates!!

Now, let’s say you’ve tried a couple of things, but, you don’t want to spend a fortune at the computer shop each time it runs sluggishly.  It would make sense if you could do a lot of it yourself.  Therefore, you need a reliable piece of software that can pretty much do most of what you require.  Only if it can’t, then take it to the shop.

So, all you have to do is click on the link that is relevant to you, once you have it, run it and away you go!!

Fix Windows Runtime Errors

Fix Windows Vista Errors

Fix Windows XP Errors

Fix Windows Errors

Fix A Slow Computer

Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

Maintain Your Computers Health

Here’s to a healthy, fast, reliable computer that has a new lease of life!!

Regular housekeeping is important with any computer, using specialised software to clear down temp files and other no longer used files will go a long way to keep it that way!!

Even though I can do a lot myself, there are still areas that I will not touch, like the registry.  That’s why using software like is 1 Click Fix is valuable!!