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Recently, I have signed up with a great training programme – Partners to Success that has great support and mentoring!!

If you are getting into blogging or have an established blog, how easy is it to navigate on a touch screen phone.  No doubt you will have great content and links on it and would like to increase your readership.  There are more people that have mobile phones than have computers.  The last thing you want to do is to alienate them, you want them to stay on your blog for as long as possible.

Well, the good news is that it is very easy to make your WordPress blog mobile friendly.  It will work on Iphone, Ipad, Andriod or Blackberry.  There is both free and professional versions available.

The name of the plugin is WPTouch and if you go into the wp-admin of your blog, click on plugins and then do a search for it.  Once found, it is a simple click to install and then activate it.  It is installed on this site, so have a go on your touch screen phone.

Another useful option, which is a simple click, is that for first time visitors to your site, they can see your whole theme, so all of your hard work in customising your blog is not wasted.  Then they will see your post or page with easy accessible navigation.  Your tabs become “touchable” and your links as well.

It is a great way to make your blog more professional and visitor friendly.

With the course that I have started, I’m looking forward to learning how to customise a WordPress blog to a deeper level, find out more about what is behind the scenes, so to speak.

Please check out the “About me” page and leave a comment.  Would be great to hear from you.  I will be adding further useful recommendations on this site that could help you develop your blog/site further.