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Malcolm Charlaw

My name, as the domain suggests, is Malcolm Charlaw.

I’m from the North East of England, born in Durham City.

I have been involved in technology since doing a computer course at school.  Learnt how to program in BASIC and 6502 machine code.  It was fun learning on the Commodore Pet, BBC Micro and then the Amiga. It’s a whole different game now with Windows, Apple, Unix, Linux, having experience in the first three, but now there are probably others that I haven’t come across.

Over the years, I’ve been working as a computer contractor which has taken me all around the UK.  During that time, I’ve met a lot of great people, it has and continues to be a great experience.

Now I’m in the Partnering to Success programme, I have already met some great people online with some great support.  Looking forward to developing this site to its full potential!!

I have been with my partner Yvonne for over 20 years and make a great team.  We enjoy travel and have enjoyed Germany, Turkey, Paxos (just south of Corfu), France, Belgium and Luxembourg.  I can speak some german and that has helped immensely on our travels.  Surprisingly, there are a lot of Turkish people who have German connections and speak the language, so it has been a good way to practice my german!!

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