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New BOUGHT Documentary Exposes Ugly Truth
Behind Vaccines, GMO’s and Big Pharma…

Quick question…

…How disturbing would it be, if you legitimately found out — your Family’s health has been PURCHASED away from you all? Intentionally, and with malice cover-up?

Well get ready to be very DISTURBED. (And enlightened!)

We’ve all heard a lot of people talk about concepts like this, or how “Big Pharma” is out to screw us… but, It’s pretty eye-opening to see exactly how Monsanto, Merck, and GlaxoSmithKline are actually profiting off human lives!

(*I know… it was a LOT to swallow for me too.)

So all of the (outrageous) evidence has been packaged into a film documentary — called BOUGHT. (*It was titled that reportedly because our “personal health decisions” have apparently been “bought” from us, by crooks on Wall Street and Big Pharma lobbyists)


Know what is happening behind the scenes

Keep yourself informed

Have you been hurt so bad that you feel that you cannot forgive?

And you’re wondering WHY you should forgive?


Life is full of hurt and let downs, sometimes feeling that you’re trapped and would like to return the hurt you’ve been given.  That’s understandable and a normal way to feel.  Correct! You read that right, it’s normal to feel aggrieved!!

Thing is, holding onto to that hurt and desire for revenge is harming your body, mind and soul.  It can cause arthritis and a tightening up of the muscles and other not so good ailments.

Do you actually understand what forgiving is all about?

Well watch the following video:


Once you’ve watched this and would like further coaching that fits around you, then click on the link below:

Your Life The Way You Want It

Firewalk and Arrow Breaking

Last week, Wednesday 30 October, I went to a firewalk through Where Dragons Fly.

On the way there, had to go through some torrential rain, but, by the time we arrived, it had all settled and cleared!!

After a lovely cup of coffee, the initial part was to do some visualisation and be in the moment. This nicely followed on from doing a 5 week mindfulness course.

Once everyone had arrived and settled in, we went to start the fire with lighted candles to signify an intention. After watching it and enjoying the heat, it was back inside for a bonus, breaking an arrow.

We started off, six of us, by breaking an arrow using the soft part of the neck. Mine broke in 2, others, the arrow broke into 3. Quite an experience!!

About an hour and a half after starting the fire, it was ready for the firewalk. Walked over 3x and here is the video that shows the first time and then shows that there was no damage to my feet.

My firewalk 30/10/2013 from Malcolm Charlaw on Vimeo.

Unleashing A New Power Within!

Living Life To A Whole New Level

This weekend has been an eye opener with Tony Robbins.  Not used to particularly using the word ‘awesome’.  It is, very quickly, becoming a part of my vocabulary because it describes it sooooo well!!!!

If you’ve never heard of Tony Robbins, he is not a regular motivation guy/guru.  And he is right when he says that.  He teaches how to change your state, happy, sad, excited, etc, within a heartbeat.

An incredible claim to make, but, having had half a day with him on Friday, it is fully justified.  Within those few hours, you are changed in ways that you never thought possible, and, so fast!  Through a series of exercises and taking you through different experiences, you get to a point where you can switch to ‘any’ state as quick as you want or need.

If you feel angry, you can be happy within a heartbeat, same with being sad or hurt.  We have the choice of how we feel at ANY given moment.  No longer ruled by emotions.  Simply wiring your sub-conscious and nervous system to react to how YOU want to be and feel.

One part of the evening was where Tony took everyone down into a meditation and time went out of the equation.  What seemed like 10 to 15 minutes, was near enough 45 to 50 minutes.  Going from one state to another, reinforcing each one to a deeper and deeper level.  Taking control of how we feel.

Then it was the firewalking over 12ft of 1100C embers.  When we got there, you could feel the heat, intensive.  Then when it came to my turn, I put myself in the state and ‘walked’ across, not ran or jump, walked!!

What are YOU capable of?  What new levels do YOU think you could get to?

There is no reason why anybody should not be able to do the firewalk.

It has certainly changed my focus for the better and am now better equipped to deal with issues in a way that I was not able to before.  Thing is, I didn’t know that until now!!

If you get the opportunity to this, then ‘Unleash The Power’ within you.  Surprise yourself!!

Please get in touch, particularly, if you where there as well!!  Would love to connect up with other ‘firewalkers’.

Updated Soul healer track from Reggi and Dino for all cancer sufferers.
To not be sad and best wishes for health.
To those that are healthy, to stay that way.
Be uplifted by this great remix and know that there is love being sent to you…..
Even though this is dedicated to those in the description, it is open to everyone…
Thank you both!!

Having The Wrong Mindset About Money Could Seriously Damage Your Chances Of Getting Out Of Debt!

Coming Into A Large Sum Of Money Could Make YOU Worse Off Than Before!

Now YOU can DO something about it!

There are many stories of people winning a large amount of money on the lottery and ending up being worse off than they were before they had it.  There are also stories of people who have made a lot of money, but then find themselves unable to keep it.

It does not need to be that way.  If you are looking to improve your lifestyle and make the amount of money that you will be happy with, then you need to take the right actions to change the way you think about finance and being financially wise.

Concepts need to be taken on board where you stop thinking, “I want to get out of debt”, and start thinking, seeing, believing and knowing that you are where you want to be.  When you think that way or similar, you keep yourself where you don’t want to be.  You probably find that no matter what it is that you do, you are no better off, or you may even find yourself worse off.  This then causes the spiral down because the more you focus on what you don’t want, the more of it you seem to get, the more depressed you feel about it.

Well, today is the day where you CAN take the right actions that will enable you free yourself from where you are now. It requires the same, if not more, attention that you’re giving to what you don’t want.  You are already making it work for you by attracting that which you don’t want, so does it make sense to change the target for where that energy is going?

The best place to start is by investing in yourself, start believing that you can do it.  It is only a starting point, but, the first step needs to be taken, no matter how small.  Even if it has to be a crawl.

By clicking on the picture below, you will find GREAT information that help you get to where you want to be.

Change Your Life

Create The Right Mindset

We c0uld all do with going somewhere that can, not only cheer us up, but, inspire and be encouraged.

So many people are stuck with where they are in life, thinking that nothing else is available to them.  It simply is not true.  You do NOT need to be stuck anymore.  It is possible!!

Well, why not give my Facebook face a visit – Live The Life You Desire

On there, you will see plenty of great posts that will cheer you up, make you think, smile and challenge you.  You CAN change your life if you’re not happy where you are.  It IS possible!!

Look, if you really are unhappy, then know that you CAN do something about it.  It is a lot easier than you may think, yes, it will require a bit of work, and, if you take the time to look into some of the notes that I’ve written, it is one place to start.

If you’d like some extra help, then why not drop me a line, will do what I can to help.

Only YOU can help you, but, with some guidance and help, you will learn how to do it.  Be patient with yourself, take it at a pace that you can cope with.  Sure, you can push yourself, but, if there is no behind you, who’s going to help you when YOU need it?

Do yourself a favour and take a visit right now!!  Live The Life You Desire


Do You Dream In Colour?

Just recently came across this great German vocalist Reggi05 and love the video, done by Dino Cuoco, that goes with it.

Very relaxing!!

It’s called – Seelenheilerin – Soul healer

What do you think?

Do you dream in Colour?

Want to watch something cool and that is happening at the E3 – this is the official ALL access E3 media – a short movie


More to come, keep watching this space!!

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