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This is completely off the usual topic for my blog because I feel strongly about the fact that Global Warming is affecting so many people and it needs to be addressed.  In fact, it needs to be looked at more deeply.  Why?  That’s a good question to ask.  So many are ignorant of the facts and what is really going on in the world.  It is un-nerving to realise that there are things going on in this world that we actually have control over, but, due to a blind fold being put over our eyes, or, like a magician, we’ve have a sleight of hand, the secret needs to come out.

Please click on the following link, below, for some information that seems to have been put into a corner, out of sight and out of mind.  I ask this because it is costing every honest hard working taxpayer a lot of money that shouldn’t be paid.  It does not absolutely nothing for the environment, it is a tax for the sake of being taxed.

Global Warming – Are We Responsible?

With your mind opened and your eyes seeing the info, from 2007!!!  Goodness, how has this not been shown on the news channels and been in the newspapers?  Everyone should know the facts, and make an informed choice.  This is short because I feel that once you know this, the necessary action can be taken.

I would like to state that recycling is a commonsense attitude to using the resources of the planet.  Paper, plastics, metals, etc being reused is a great way to utilise what we already have.

Isn’t also amazing what you can create with computer models.  They can only show the data that has been put in.  If  there is not the understanding or the correct information put in, then you get wrong results.  You can show ANYTHING with computers, just look at all the science fiction films showing space travel, new dimensions, etc.  But, when you use OBSERVATIONAL data that has been recorded, you get more credible data.  You’ve heard about the rising sea levels?  Check out the following:

Rising Sea Levels

It is time for the blindfolds to be removed and the sleight of hand to be stopped.   Here are a couple of videos:

And this one below is from an ex NASA climatologist and climate expert, short and to the point!!

Also, it is interesting to note that the oceans produce more carbon emissions that what we “humans” produce.  So are we going to dry up all the oceans, or, are they going to reduce the human population so that it will bring the usage which will bring down the usage?

There are industrial practices like putting toxins into the air that need to be changed, or, indeed stopped.  The use of certain chemicals used in agriculture also need to change.  The stopping of alternatives to petrol and diesel being developed has to cease. The ability for motor vehicles to run on friendlier substances has been known and tested for a long time.  Trouble is, the patents and designs get bought up so as not to see the light of day.  That needs to change, big time. 

So much can be done to make use of the Earths resources that is not being done.  Too many blocks have been created by cartels protecting their interests.  They need to be knocked down and new technologies allowed to prosper to help mankind along with the environment.

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