Does The Cost Of Travel, Customs And Driving On The Other Side Of The Road Put You OFF?

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Mayem Duty Free Cigarettes, Tobacco And Alcohol

Then you’ve come to the right place.  With the current situation in Calais and other ports, it’s not safe to travel and purchase your supplies.  Every day, in the news, there are situations that you simply don’t want to be a part of, or, take the risk getting attacked.

Not only that, you also have the roulette of being stopped or not by customs before you are allowed to travel back to the UK.  With a 101 question routine, you can do without it.  It is supposed to be a “Common” market with free unhindered movement of goods.  After all, if you lived in Germany and purchased your supplies from France, Belgium or Luxembourg, you can travel with a boot full and not be stopped.  Why is that when you want to save money, you get stopped and treated like a criminal coming back to the UK?

You don’t have to experience that any more.  There is now a safe and secure way to purchase genuine cigarettes and tobacco without the hassle.

Have your supplies delivered to your door, ordering from the comfort of your own home.


No passport required

No travelling required

No roulette with customs

No having to deal with immigrants waiting to cross to the UK

Delivered in plain packaging to your door

Supplied from the actual manufacturers

Save money!!!!

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Mayem Duty Free Cigarettes, Tobacco And Alcohol