When the cost of petrol/diesel is shooting UP, wouldn’t it be great to improve your mileage?

It’s costing more and more to fill up your tank. Scandalous when the oil companies are making record profits. Remember at the start of the ‘scamdemic’ with lockdowns? The price dropped right down!! And the price of a barrel was more then to what it is now. So how does that work out? It doesn’t!!

Well, there is a way where you can increase your mileage, reduce emissions and increase the performance of your vehicle. No matter whether you use petrol or diesel, car or motorbike, or van, bus, or lorry. And it’s inexpensive.

In fact, this is the best way to ‘remap’ your engine without risking the parameters not really being the best option.

All it takes is a tablet. I have gone from 130miles per half tank to 190 miles per half tank for local travel. On a long run, that went up to 210 miles for half a tank.

It’s been fully tested and EPA approved. My 1.8litre engine now feels like a 2.1litre engine, the acceleration is amazing. And I can now fully use my air conditioning without watching the fuel guage moving down quickly!!

Try it for yourself and order directly from:


There, you will find further info that will answer your questions.

Go on, give it a go, with everything to gain!!